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Appraisal Specialist

We can help you recover all you are owed after an accident.
Diminished Value Claims | Repair Issues | Recovery Services

My Accident

  • Has my vehicle lost value?

  • What am I owed?

  • Will this effect my trade-in?

  • Is my vehicle a total loss?

  • Who is working for me?

We can help you document any loss in market value your vehicle has suffered after an accident and recover what you are owed.


Direct Appraisal has helped more customers collect their Loss of Market Value claims than any other appraisal service in the country .


My Repairs

  • What repair facility?

  • What parts?

  • Was my vehicle repaired properly?

  • Who is working for me?

We can perform both pre and post repair inspections to document that all necessary procedures to repair your vehicle to pre-accident appearance, safety and condition, were paid for and completed to industry quality standards. 


Direct Appraisal creates an itemized list of any claim or repair deficiencies and provides you with a diminished value report to submit a claim for your entire loss.

Crowded Parking Lot

My Claim

  • What am I owed for my loss?

  • Have I recovered all I am owed?

  • Who is responsible to pay?

  • What if I disagree?

  • Who is working for me?

We can help you recover all you are owed under your policy and the law.


Direct Appraisal understands the clams process and specializes in dispute resolution.  We can help you determine what is owed, what was paid for and who is responsible for paying your claim.

Loss of Value is the difference in the market value of a vehicle without accident history and the market value of the same vehicle with accident history. This difference is part of the total property damage claim and should be pursued as part of your total loss.

Claim Dispute Resolution

The recovery process can be challenging. It is important to be familiar with all the steps necessary to recover all losses owed.

A post repair inspection verifies quality repairs and charges. Any deficiency in the claim or repair process may INCREASE your Loss in Market Value. You are owed for this loss as part of your total property damage claim. We document any flaws or defects after repairs and develop your diminished value appraisal report.

Get What You Are Owed
Our Average Recovery is $4,700

Vehicle Information

Submit your vehicle information on-line 

Set Appointment

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Easy Payment

Easy to pay on-line or at the time of your appointment

50% of the people surveyed would NOT buy a car that was in an accident and 42% said only at a large discount.

Do you have a good claim?

Is your vehicle worth more than $5,000?

Was the damage more than $1,000?

Did the accident happen within the last 4 years?

What are my next steps?

If you have been involved in an accident you most likely have sustained a loss in market value that should be assessed.  

We suggest you hire an independent appraiser to inspect and perform a full claim audit and repair critique documenting any evidence of repair.

Very often evidence of repair is not obvious to an untrained eye - if evidence of repair is obvious to you it is very likely that a qualified appraiser will find additional issues.

Customer Successes

"Find attached with the 2 checks that add up to $25,033.00 which is the same amount you said.​  Both John and I are very impressed with the excellent job you performed, we deeply appreciate what you've done for us."

Thank you so much!

Best Wishes​, Debbie

We're Here to Help You
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