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Set Inspection Appointment - $450

The cost for Direct Appraisal to physically inspect your vehicle and provide your report is $450.00 
(additional travel charges may apply). Please complete the information below and submit your request. We will contact you within to set up a convenient time for your appointment. If you have any questions, contact the Direct Appraisal at 972.306.4913 or

Customer Information

Accident Information

Vehicle Information

I request that Direct Appraisal perform a complete market evaluation including any diminished value on my vehicle. I understand that Direct Appraisal will charge a flat fee of $450.00 plus any applicable tax for my evaluation plus any travel fee to be paid now or upon inspection. I understand that this fee is neither a contingent fee or a percentage fee and in the event that expert witness testimony is needed as a result of this appraisal an additional fee covering time and travel expense will be charged. I understand that none of the information submitted or discussed should be considered legal advise. To perform the most accurate evaluation the following documentation is requested at the time of inspection:- COST OF REPAIR APPRAISAL - ANY SUPPLEMENTS - ALL REPAIR FACILITY INVOICES - A CLEAN VEHICLE.
Thank you for submitting!
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