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Order Loss of Value Assessment  - $199

The cost of your Market Value Report is $199.00. Please complete the following information and submit your order to Direct Appraisal. We will contact you within 24 hours about your report.


If you feel your vehicle has NOT been fully repaired or has deficiencies you may have suffered a greater loss of value - you should have your vehicle physically inspected by an independent appraiser. The following information will help Direct Appraisal expedite your report and allow us to provide you with the best possible services. If you have any questions contact the Direct Appraisal office at 972.306.4913 or email at

Customer Information

Accident Information

Vehicle Information

I request that Direct Appraisal perform a market evaluation for the purpose of assessing the loss of value on the above vehicle. I understand that Direct Appraisal will charge a flat fee of $199.00 plus any applicable tax for my evaluation. I understand that my vehicle will not be physically inspected and that all information I have given regarding my vehicle is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that none of the information submitted or discussed should be considered legal advise.
Thank you for submitting!
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