Get Paid for Diminished Value after Your Auto Accident


50% of the people surveyed would NOT buy a car that was in an accident and 42% said only at a large discount.

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A post repair inspection verifies quality repairs and charges. We document any flaws or defects after repairs and develop your diminished value appraisal report.

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If you have been involved in an accident you most likely have sustained a loss in market value that should be assessed.

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Diminished value questions?

Loss of Market Value is the difference in a vehicle's value

just before the damage and that vehicle's value just after repairs.

Any deficiency in the claim or repair process may INCREASE your Loss in Market Value.You are owed for this loss as part of your total property damage claim.

We suggest you hire an independent appraiser to inspect and perform a full claim audit and repair critique documenting any evidence of repair.

Very often evidence of repair is not obvious to an untrained eye - if evidence of repair is obvious to you it is very likely that a qualified appraiser will find additional issues.

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