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We are a full-service professional appraisal company specializing in market value appraisals and assessments, total loss and damage evaluations, and recovery services for the property owner.
We can make sure your vehicle was repaired correctly
We can help you recover
all you are owed
Understand the keys to success
30 years experience

We have been helping customers recover what they are owed since 1991.

Our goal is to provide you the most accurate evaluation and the education and ability to recover all losses owed under your policy and the law.

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Loss of Market Value Assessment

If you have been involved in an accident you most likely have sustained a loss in market value that should be assessed.  Loss of Value or Diminished Value is the difference in the market value of a vehicle without accident history and the market value of the same vehicle with accident history. Loss of market value is a legally recognized element of the property damage loss and can be assessed regardless of the completeness of the repair.

Note: Any deficiency in the claim or repair process may increase your Loss in Market Value. If you’re not sure your vehicle has not been properly repaired, we suggest you hire us to inspect and perform a full claim audit and repair critique documenting any evidence of repair.​ Very often evidence of repair is not obvious to an untrained eye - if evidence of repair is obvious to you it is very likely that a qualified appraiser will find additional issues.

Order Your Market Value Assessment
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Diminished Value Appraisal

​We conduct a physical inspection of the vehicle after repairs to give you peace-of-mind that your vehicle has been restored, as closely as possible, to pre-loss condition; appearance, safety, and function.  

We document the evidence of repair history any repair operation omissions necessary for a complete and proper repair and any deficiencies in repair, safety, quality, function and appearance.​ We provide an itemized list of any claim and/or repair related deficiencies​.  After the vehicle has been repaired, as close as possible to pre-loss condition it is important to evaluate any Loss of Value and submit a claim for the entire loss, to the responsible party.


After all repairs have been made within industry standards, we can help you recover the diminished value that you are owed as part of your claim.  It is up to you to provide evidence of your loss.  We can help you document your claim based on actual market data. 

Set Your Inspection Appointment 
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Claim Dispute Resolution

  • Dispute over the carrier’s offer of your totaled vehicle?

  • Problem recovering the total amount of loss?

  • Think you are owed more than the responsible party is offering for your loss?

  • Do I have other remedies available to recover my loss beside what the responsible party offering?

The recovery process can be challenging. It is important to be familiar with all the steps necessary to recover all losses owed.  We are experienced in the claims recovery process and have a 30-year proven track record. If you have questions about what you are owed, we can help.  We assess all legally recognized elements of the property damage loss in order to develop a damage model to prove your claims.

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Classic & Customized Vehicle  

Actual Cash Value, Fair Market Value, Stated Value, Replacement Value, Property Loss Statements.

We provide a full range of appraisal services for classic or customized vehicles.  It involves deciphering, documenting and photographing every facet of the vehicle.  We establish an overall condition and check for originality.   We confirm and document the known history of the vehicle, its prior owners and notoriety, including any accolades the car has earned.


We have the expertise to assess all areas of loss to the classic or custom vehicle; i.e., cost of repair, loss of use, and diminished value.


Specialty Vehicles

RV, ATV, Boat, Motorcycle, Machinery or Heavy Equipment, our appraisers are specially trained and experienced evaluating specialty properties for purposes of evaluating fair market value for resale or pre purchase, and/or physical damage loss due to accident, collision, theft or weather related.

We have the expertise to assess all areas of loss; i.e., cost of repair, loss of use, diminished value.


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Catastrophic Claim

Our Catastrophic team has been retained as the property damage experts in over twenty-five large multi-million-dollar losses, due to extreme weather events such as hail, flood, tornados and hurricanes. Involving hundreds of units for New Car, RV and Marine dealerships. Fleet and Utility vehicles for school districts, city municipalities, and counties all over the United States.

Large Tort loss claims experience includes over fifteen multi-unit losses requiring inspection and evaluation of property damages caused by overspray, industrial fallout, machinery and/or manufacturing failures.

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