Real diminished value success stories

"I am excited to report that I have settled my claim

for the amount of $11,450.67.

In addition to the reimbursing us for the expenses associated with the original claim and all other related charges they paid for the difference in the restored Mazda Miata and the cost of a new automobile.

Had we not persevered and consulted with you, we would have never reached this settlement. I can not thank you enough for your support, advise and integrity. Throughout this entire ordeal you were someone I could trust.



"I would like to thank you for your help and guidance while

I was dealing with my claim. At first I was hesitant to understand how I was able to make such a claim and how the entire process worked.

Your expertise and insight was exceptional! Once I brought my car for you to inspect and found that there was a substantial amount of loss of value, I really had no idea what to do from there.

I would like to commend you on your customer service skills, you were along my side throughout the entire process until I was compensated on the ENTIRE value that your company estimated.

I will not hesitate to send anyone in a similar situation to you so that they can benefit from your company as I have. Once again thank you for the service you provided to us, the consumer, GREAT JOB!"



"Per our conversation, I have enclosed the paperwork to you as proof of being awarded my loss of value ($2,161,58) for my Saturn SL-II that was involved in an automobile accident last August.

Without your support and assistance, I know it would not have been possible. You provide a tremendous service to those of us who are the victims of such unfortunate circumstances.

Again, I thank you for all you have done to make it possible."

With warm regards,


We would like to add you to our list of customers

"Find attached with the 2 checks that add up to $25,033.00

which is the same amount you said.

Both John and I are very impressed with the excellent job you performed, we deeply appreciate what you've done for us."

Thank you so much!

Best Wishes


"I want to thank you and your staff for your professional assistance in handling my recent claim on my Lexus ES 300. With your expertise and guidance,I was able to successfully negotiate the full amount of my loss of market value - $8,626.00 - based on your comprehensive evaluation report.

Using a portion of my claim check, and trading in my repaired vehicle, I was able to purchase a brand new Lexus ES 300 which I picked up Tuesday.

Incidentally, with a smaller finance amount (thanks to my loss of market value check) and lower interest rates (thanks to Mr. Greenspan), and some goodwill on the part of the dealership, my payments on the same care are $70 lower per month over the same term."

My story has a happy ending, and for that I thank you most sincerely.

Kind regards,