do you have a good diminished value claim?

If you said YES to these questions, you likely have a claim Worth Pursuing!

Is your vehicle worth more than $5,000?

YES. Generally, the more your vehicle was worth before the

accident, the more value your vehicle has lost.

Was the damage more than $1,000?

YES. Generally, the greater the damage to your vehicle -

even after repairs - the greater your loss.

Did the accident happen within the last 4 years?

YES. If the accident was your fault, most states allow you 4 years to make a claim. If the accident wasn’t your fault, most states allow you 2 years.

what you need to know

If insurance companies won't tell you you're entitled to diminished value payment, can you trust them to fairly assess it?

Insurers often use a method known in the industry as "17C" which pays you pennies on the dollar for the diminished value you're actually owed

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