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We have successfully completed 1,000's of Diminished Value Appraisals and Loss of Market Value Claims for our customers and have been paid by every major insurance company in the country.

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Direct Appraisal's mission is to provide our customers the peace-of mind that an injured vehicle has been restored, as close as possible, to pre-accident condition; appearance, function, safety and VALUE.

We are a full service appraisal company specializing in loss of market value and diminished value appraisals.

Our goal is to provide YOU with the education and ability to recover Diminished Value losses owed under your policy and the law after an auto accident!

Our reports are certified and meet the USPAP standards developed by the Appraisal Board, authorized by the United States Congress.

This is the only national standard that exists for personal property evaluation, assessment, appraisals.

You can NOT arrive at a Market Value

without looking at the Market!

Our diminished value reports use actual market data to document market value! Make sure that any appraisal service you choose bases their value opinions on actual market data they are willing to share with you!

Measure all 5 areas of your loss - not just cost of repairs

» Inspect the vehicle after repairs and document that all necessary repairs were completed properly

» Evaluate the value of your vehicle before the accident and evaluate the market value of the vehicle after the accident and document any loss of market value or diminished value

» Assist customers with recovery of all they are owed